Electronic and computer based equipment need high quality, uninterrupted power supplies.

In Australia, particularly during summer months, excess strain is placed on our ageing electrical infrastructure.  Adding to this is the unpredictable weather patterns associated with summer storms which can cause electrical surges and power outages for extended periods of time.

Every year without fail we are requested by insurance companies to investigate if a computers failure was as a result of a power problem after a storm.  It is often easy to identify, with the tell-tale signs of a burned out power supply and other components on the computers main board.

Unfortunately, the damage caused from a power spike doesn’t just stop at a power supply, it can seriously affect the data on the drives as well  This can lead to extended down time and lost productivity for a business.  This cause of failure is easily prevented with a good quality Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) correctly installed.

A quality UPS will protect your computer equipment from power fluctuations and an extended Power Outage.

Some of the more sophisticated UPS’s on the market come with software which monitors the power usage and demand on a computer or server, if the power is off for any period of time, this software will log the users off, and close the programs, then shut down the server safely.

Size matters, having the correct UPS installed will ensure that the power requirements for the business are met and the key hardware protected.

There is no point trying to save a dollar on a low cost small UPS to protect all your I.T. hardware, it just won’t work.

It is also worth checking your UPS from time to time, to make sure that it is doing what it is supposed to.

If you’re not sure what your needs are, please request that we check next time we are onsite or book in a health check.