High-Speed And Future-Ready Business Fibre:NBN ™ Enterprise Ethernet

Enterprise Ethernet is intended to meet a wide range of business requirements and applications. You’ll need a high-performance, dependable fibre network if you’re operating time-sensitive applications that require consistent bandwidth, ones that run in the cloud, or those that rely on upload speed as much as download speed.

The difference between NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet and Business NBN™ services are:

1. Speed:
NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet offer symmetrical plans ranging from 100/100 Mbps to 1000/1000 Mbps whereas Business NBN™ service is only up to 1000/400 Mbps.

2. Infrastructure:
NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet is delivered using dedicated fibre infrastructure, which is less susceptible to weather disruption.

3. Reliability:
On the NBN™ network, Enterprise Ethernet is the fastest and most reliable service, whereas Business NBN™ services are offered in several traffic classes.

4. Support:
Highly resilient and reliable connectivity to keep your business moving. Enterprise Ethernet come with up to a 99.95% uptime service agreement guarantee, up to 4-hour enhanced SLA.

To find out if our high speed NBN Enterprise connection is available in your area, please send us an email at sales@ehwtech.net.au or call 07 4944 0111.

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