Things you need to know

Min cost includes the connection charge for new customers.
Service Availability: Services not available to all areas or premises.
Installation: Our standard installation includes self-installation of your modem/router. Extra charges apply for a technician to assist with the onsite installation of your modem/router. A standard hourly rate of $140 per hour applies in this instance.

Speeds: FTTN, FTTP, and FTTB speeds are to be confirmed when active. Speeds can vary due to the configuration of hardware and software at your premises, service provider’s network capacity, connection type (i.e.: Wi-Fi or ethernet), type/source of content being downloaded, number of users/devices connected, network congestion (i.e: during peak periods) and maximum speed of your plan. Typical evening speed indicates a download speed and is measured between 7pm and 11pm

Important information regarding your speed
As outlined above, please be aware your actual user speeds may be less than the typical speeds due to your technology type, in-premises set up and how and when you use the internet.

NBN™ Fixed Line Technology (FTTP, FTTN, FTTB) – We can’t confirm your maximum line speed until your service is installed and activated on the NBN™ network. If your NBN™ connection doesn’t allow you to properly benefit from the speed you’re on or have chosen, we will provide you with your maximum line speed, once it’s available, along with alternative options.

NBN™ Wireless Technology (Fixed Wireless) – Your actual user speeds will vary throughout the day due to quite a number of factors, including the signal strength or obstruction of the antenna’s line of sight to the tower, weather conditions like extreme heat and heavy rain, as well as tower and network capacity. Your actual speeds may also be less due to your in-premises set up and how the internet is used in your home.

NBN™ is a trademark of NBNCo limited and used under licence.