The Fastest, and Easiest Way To Protect
Your Customers Data and Productivity

SkyKick Cloud Backup is the only solution that enables you to protect your customer’s data and productivity without worrying about loss or damage.

1. SkyKick Cloud Backup Suite and Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 is a powerful, yet simple to use productivity suite. One of the most important parts of getting work done on this platform arises from protecting your data from being lost or deleted in order to ensure ongoing productivity. Cloud Backup empowers customers who use this service with tools that can quickly and easily restore any lost files so they can continue working without any delays.

2. SkyKick Cloud Backup and Exchange Online
Exchange Online Backup for MSP provides peace of mind for partners and end customers alike. By providing a centralized management service, SkyKick Exchange Online Backup reduces the time, complexity and cost of managing backup solutions. The SkyKick Exchange Online Backup service provides comprehensive security through encryption and tunnelling, comprehensive governance tools, global network redundancy and disaster recovery options in case of primary site failure.

3. SkyKick Cloud Backup and SharePoint and OneDrive for Business
SkyKick Cloud Backup for SharePoint and OneDrive gives the partners a powerful backup tool for the critical SharePoint and OneDrive for Business collaboration tools used by businesses. With built-in encryption and regulatory compliance, SkyKick provides an easily accessible cloud storage solution that is supported on over 60 different platforms, making it easy to move off-site when needed.

Do You Want to Have a Complete Backup Solutions for Your Business?
SkyKick Cloud Backup helps you to protect your customers data and productivity by providing complete backup solutions that are quick, easy and cost-effective. Contact EHW Tech at 07 4944 0111 or email to know more about SkyKick Cloud Backup services.

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