NBN™ Programs That Will Bring
The Digital World To Local Communities

NBN™ News
NBN™ has released important announcements and launched several programs that are designed to bring the digital world to our local communities. These initiatives are a great way to ensure that residential and business customers have the necessary access to digital services. We are excited to see how these programs will help bridge the digital divide, allowing more people to access essential digital tools and services.

3 Major Programs Update
1. Fibre Upgrade Program (FTTN to FTTP)
Below are the list of towns and suburbs currently under NBN™ FTTN connection which may be eligible to upgrade to FTTP on a higher speed plan.

a. Mackay LGA – Hay Point, Andergrove, Beaconsfield, Blacks Beach, Dolphin Heads, Eimeo, Glenella (Valetta Gardens and the Industrial Area around the Sugar Shed Rd roundabout), Mount Pleasant, Bucasia, and North Mackay.

b. Whitsunday LGA – Proserpine, Cannon Valley, Cannonvale, Airlie Beach.

While the locations listed in bold text are eligible for an upgrade, please be aware that not every premises in the towns and suburbs listed will be eligible.

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2. Fixed Wireless
The $750 million investment in the NBN™ Fixed Wireless network is designed to provide improved internet access to thousands of households and businesses across regional Australia. This upgrade will result in faster and more reliable internet connections for those living in rural areas and will make it easier for people to access the same resources and services as their city counterparts. With this improvement, NBN™ is working to bridge the digital divide between metropolitan and rural areas, helping to ensure that everyone in Australia has access to the same quality internet services.

a. Extended Fixed Wireless – the enhancement on coverage and extension of maximum range limit benefits approximately 120,000 formerly satellite-only eligible areas to access fixed wireless service.

b. Faster Fixed Wireless wholesale speed – homes and businesses under expanded NBN™ Fixed Wireless footprint may be able to order speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

c. Improved Fixed Wireless typical wholesale busy hour speeds – fixed wireless network improvements are expected to allow NBN™ to increase wholesale busy period speeds of at least 50 Mbps (download).

3. Enterprise Ethernet
For a business looking for reliable and fast internet, NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet services provide businesses with reliable and secure access to high-speed internet. With these services, businesses can access up to almost 10 gigabits per second, enabling them to take advantage of all the benefits of having a high-speed connection. This allows businesses to streamline their operations, increase productivity, and open up the possibilities for new applications and services. With Enterprise Ethernet services, businesses can also benefit from improved scalability, reliability, and security. All of these features make Enterprise Ethernet services an attractive and cost-effective option for businesses looking to improve their internet access.

If you would like to know more about the details on the programs launched by NBN™ or if you want to check if your address is eligible to any of the upgrades and improvements mentioned, please give EHW Tech a call at 07 4944 0111 or email sales@ehwtech.net.au.

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