Like most of the other Microsoft products, Office 2007 has a support life-cycle that typically last 10 years from the product’s initial release date. During the cycle, Microsoft provides new features, bug fixes, security fixes etc.

As of 10th October 2017, Office 2007 will have officially reached its End of Life. This means Microsoft will no longer provide technical support for issues, bug fixes, and security fixes for vulnerabilities that are discovered. We highly recommend having an upgrade as soon as possible whether your Office 2007 is for personal or business use.

We recommend you upgrade your office with one of the following products:

  • Upgrade to Office 365
  • Upgrade to Office 2016 retail products, available for one computer per license

To get started with either of these options, or to get further advice, contact us now. We will provide you with recommendations and guidance throughout your upgrade to get the best plan that will suit your needs. Contact us (07) 4944 0111 or email us at to start now.