Best Practices For Computer Security 2024

Apart from adjusting computer settings and utilizing protective software, there are additional recommended measures to enhance both your computer’s security and your privacy.

Secure your computer by setting a password.

Implementing a password is the initial step in preventing unauthorized access to your content. While many individuals fear hacking, the most straightforward method for someone to gain entry to your computer is through physical access, whether within your home or through theft.

Avoid clicking on unfamiliar or dubious links.

Another sound practice is refraining from opening links or attachments sent by questionable individuals or from suspicious websites. Malware is occasionally concealed within these links or attachments and opening them may result in the installation of malware on your system. If you need to receive files or access links from untrustworthy sources, consider using a cloud sharing service to share files or communicate the information through alternative means.

Ensure you log out of accounts and close programs.

When you complete your session with an online account, a computer program, or the computer itself, be sure to quit and log off. Failing to log out may facilitate unauthorized access to your accounts, even if you believe that no one has physical access to your computer. It’s a good practice to always log out when you’re finished, enhancing the security of your information.

Disable access points when not in use.

Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, Airdrop, or any other connectivity access on your computer when it’s not actively needed. By closing these access points, you make it more challenging for someone to connect remotely. When you require connectivity, you can easily enable these features. This practice enhances the security of your system by minimizing the potential for unauthorized remote access.

  • Clean Emails: Unsubscribe, organize, and delete.
  • Delete Unused Apps: Free up space on your devices.
  • Organize Files: Create folders for a tidy desktop.
  • Manage Notifications: Turn off unnecessary interruptions.
  • Take Breaks: Unplug daily for a digital detox.

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